I am a nontraditional student, and before arriving at Montana State I was a medic in the Army. I started designing while serving in Iraq. I was the only medic in my platoon, and therefore I worked everyday of the week for 18 hours a day. After four months without a day off my First Sergeant pulled me “off the road” to become the company’s official designer. He had known that I enjoyed drawing, and tasked me with designing the 501st Military Police Company coin, T-shirt and logo. These activities gave me a welcome break from the stresses of being “in sector”. The only way my First Sergeant knew he could get another medic from Battalion was to have me otherwise engaged for a period of time. That is when I started to design. Designing has become a therapeutic activity for me and I have put all of my effort into it since then.


Baron VonGoodness is this nomad graphic designer, just traveling around following the green grass.


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