Ole Haas and Wahoo


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Harlequin Duck


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I started using instagram the other day and it’s pretty fun. I live in a pretty cool place and I’ll want pictures of this place later and I mind as well put them on the Internet. Chickens, the dog, scenery and some art from time to time.

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Trent Richardson

Trent RichardsonThe Brownies havn’t had a BA like him since Kevin Mack. Well hopefully, he hasn’t really done anything yet, but last week he looked like the Brownies finally hit on a draft pick. Trent the Tank, let’s get that going. T-Rich has promise, and I am thinking it’s finally going to be their time.

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Fernando Rodney

Fernando RodneyWho would have thunk it? Fernando Rodney really is good, and that little bow and arrow thing pretty cool. Good on him, he seems like a nice enough guy. I’m glad he finally put it together for a full year.

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