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Jordan after Jordan

The most recognizable brand is that of one Michael Jordan. What happens when the kids no longer know who Jordan is? No matter what the media says people are not going to clammier for his image anymore sooner than later. There needs to be a transition period between Jordan and who ever is next, and I don’t see that player on the sports landscape right now, and nike is going to need to have some players fill the void for a little while.

Michael Jordan

This first image of Jeter and he’s already almost forgotten at least outside of New York so he isn’t really a placeholder he just has worn Jumpman cleats for the last 10 years or so the first step is to let him, Wade and Melo wear their own silhouette. We all know Jordan, but sooner than you would think the kids wont. I’m not saying get rid of Jordan just expand your brand. This is a perfect chance to transition of the next era of Jumpman.

Derek Jeter

Don’t get me wrong Jordan’s great, and he’s built a cool brand, and people love Jordans. Let’s see where we can go with this. I know this is probably blasphemy to even have Tebow and Jordan in the same article but hear me out. If Tebow is going to be relivant that means he won the starting job in New York, and the team is already a pretty good team, and if he starts and is just not terrible then they’ll more than likely make the playoffs and say that have a running back go crazy and Tebow doesn’t completely blow it. I’m just saying stranger things have happened, Trent Dilford has a Superbowl ring, and he was OK but not Hall of Fame, and I think Tebow could possible be as good as Trent Dilford maybe. If the team wins the superbowl and he is somehow the QB then he will be immortal, He’s got a signature move already, I mean, nike would be stupid not to just have that on the back burner, in the 1 in 50 chance in which that scenario actually happens or something equally unlikely then they’ll be ready.

Tim Tebow

I think that most dynamic players out there now, with the potential to be able to exemplify the silhouette design are Timmy Lincecum and Rajon Rondo. They have distinct body position in their specific sport and both guys are world champions. I feel like no players should even be in the same time article as Jordan unless they have one. I put some of those green shoes on Rondo because not many other people in the league with the NBA Jam look.


Rajon Rondo

Tim Lincecum


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