Expressive Type

Expressive TypographyT
he definition of my word Narcissistic is “undue fascination with oneself”. I chose the word because I liked the multiple s’s, c’s, and i’s. I looked for the individual letters to see what manipulation was possible. I got very lucky with the fact that narcissistic has a double s in the middle of the word. I focused on this aspect. The two s’s in the word give me a chance to manipulate the word by flipping one of the two to create a perfect heart. I used several different fonts. I decided on a serif. When I mocked up my word with a sans serif the heart looked to much like the heart, you could no longer see the word. The word lost its subtlety. By using a serif it made the heart fade into the word. I also used a serif because I felt that a narcissistic word would choose to have serifs.

I approached this assignment with the idea that the word was able to choose how it was formatted. Since narcissistic is sort of an obnoxious word, it would choose be formatted overly large. I put my word in the middle of the page and made it as large as possible. I made my word go all the way across the page. I also made my word a bit higher than center, to emphasize the self importance of the word. This aspect of the word was the easiest aspect of creating the feel of the word. The word narcissistic was a perfect word for me; it gave me a chance to do something as outrageous and obnoxious as possible.

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