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Kim Jong-IlMy pop icon is Kim Jong-Il. I chose Kim Jong-Il  because he is such a freak, he is such a complicated guy and yet so easy to make into cartoon. I know quite a bit about him because I was stationed in South Korea near the DMZ in 2006, and just by proximity I learned quite a bit about him. I also am fascinated by Narcissism; it is sort of a theme that runs through all of my works. It interests me about how people could have such fanatical views of themselves. The ideas mostly associated with Kim Jong-il are about his ridicules propaganda. His official biography reads like a satirical column about a narcissistic, absolute dictator. His biography states his first round of golf he shot a 38 with 11 hole in ones, it also says that he was born on top of a scared mountain signified by a double rainbow. He was obviously a cartoon of a human. The image I created of “the great leader” is one of him with sunglasses looking off into the distance, where he is portrayed as a rockstar. Because of his persona and the way he acts like the 5th member of Poison he could not be portrayed in any other way.

The project consisted of my “rockstar” Kim Jong-Il image, an image of Hitler’s hair, and an image of Marie Antoinette’s hair. Hitler and Antoinette’s hair are both very abstracted. Because their hair are both very iconic I could abstract quite a bit for effect. I made both of those images as cutouts so it makes the viewer imagine Kim Jong-Il as either of those two. Hitler was a dictator who interested in military power and eugenics, same as Kim Jong-Il. Marie Antoinette was the image of opulence, she spent her people’s money like it was her own, and later was killed because of it. Kim Jong-Il’s eccentricity like his $700,000 cognac would fit in well in pre-revolution France. Kim Jong-Il was a very interesting man, and he was tailor-made for this assignment.

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